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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I'm leaving Blogger

Ok I've decided that I like Xanga better...
so i'm moving my personal blog over there.

Heres the website
Come by and say hi....

The one that I have for updates about my kids is still gunna stay up though

Oh yeah, I did make a new blogger site... all about my new icon addiction...

I have an online journal for my surrogacy


Sunday, March 05, 2006


how do you pronouce that??

I was planning on going there to blog... actually I created one already, but I was planning on leaving blogger and just blogging there, for a few reasons, let me share....

  1. they have smilies
  2. they network by city, they call it a metro, thats why I like myspace...
  3. they have more "skins" or page templates...
  4. they have webrings...
  5. xanga is a cooler word than blogger....

But I was just on xanga and the site stopped working.... I can't handle stupid crap like that!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

2 days left...

Okay In just 3 days I go back to work.
I have just Saturday and Sunday left with my children.
I'm scared, I'm regreting the fact that I decided to go to work.
but I committed to Kelly's and I am going to go.
Tommy didn't go to work two days this week, lucky for him he can go in tomorrow and make up one of the days, but that still means he is out one full day... that is ((( 9x8=72))) $72 dollars....
That makes me soooo angry.
But we got the move in date for the apartments... April 17th, so I need to work and make sure that we have income coming in, god knows that right now tommy isn't good for it.
I want him to find a job in the evenings or on saturday and sundays.... but he hasn't done that yet... I want him to be more motivated, and I want him to treat the kids with love and respect...

2 days left of being a Stay at Home mom.... Ill miss it...

Friday, March 03, 2006

We got our apartment....

We got the move in date for our apartment!!! April 17th!!! YEAH!!!!

Hi Everyone (who is acually reading this???)

I know its been a while since a I posted. but I've been busy researching surrogacy. I started a new blog about this journey. I am very exited.....

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sale at Walmart....

I hate walmart, not because of all of the reasons everyone does...
I hate walmart because i prefer to shop there.
I hate that it's the most convenient. One stop shopping.
I hate that sometimes they have the best deals on things.
I'd rather shop at target, I love target. and I'd rather go to winn-dixie, or a discount store.
But I dont because that is two stops. And they may not have something that I need, and it may not be the cheapest...
I prefer shopping other places because they have stuff that walmart doesn't carry. They toy selection at target and toysrus is so awesome, not that target has more, just different.

With all that said, I was in walmart tonight, and they had jewelry on sale. Not the fancy stuff in the glass cases, but necklaces, toe rings, anklets, packs of earrings, ALL on sale for 50 cents each... I bought like five dollars worth of jewelry. TOO good of a deal......

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

98 Ford Contour

Okay so I couldn't change my picture.
Village photos hosts this image. and NOW when I try to upload more images, they say mine are too big. thats bullshit because the ones up now are the same size, anyone have any suggestions to a free photo hosting webiste that allows large photos...???

Another thing to bitch about.... Our cell phone was turned off. Apparently the SS Number the woman put in the system when we signed up for the phone wasn't the correct number. So I have to go down the the office with my SS card and get it fixed.... Pain in the ass.....

Hmmm... I'm exhausted, Nathan is taking a nap. I never get quiet time. Evelyn never naps, and Audrey has followed suit. and Now I'm just trying to keep them quiet so that Nathan stays asleep and I can do WHATEVER....-------->

So we got a new car. Okay well it isn't new, but it's new for us. 98 Ford Contour . I love it....

Well Nathan is sleeping and I think I'm gunna lay down and take a nap...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I'm back

I know i was gone for a while (even though no one is listening)
but we got a new computer, the other one died, and its finially arrived and up and running...
I'm working on changing my pic in my profile. .....
why do i always assosciate myself with my kids and pregnancy.?????

ETA heres the old pic

Thursday, February 02, 2006


I finially signed up for myspace.
It's pretty cool.
I've found a few of my friends from high school that I haven't seen in forever!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Nathan is actually asleep, I can't believe it...!

Ok so we've all been sick since sunday. (it's friday) and Nathan hasn't slept for longer than an hour. He was majorly congested and couldnt' breath well laying down...
but we're all getting better and he is well enough to sleep laying down. YEAH!!!!
We went the the chiro this morning, I bet that helped. Thanks R.!!!!!!

The girls are still sick, so am I, but we feel better.... :)
We all had fevers, runny and congested noses (at the same time) body aches, tummy aches. AND I lost my voice! Just overall nastiness!!!!!

So today is January 27th, 2006. I am waiting patiently for our w-2's that haven't come. I want to file a return because I want some $$$. We get EIC and I want it soon!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Saturday, January 21, 2006

In Pensacola

I'm in Pensacola Florida...
We got here Friday afternoon, around 2pm. We picked up my sister in Milton, YEAH!!!, and went to the hotel.
We didn't do anything that night, Me, Nathan and Audrey fell asleep at 5pm....and Evelyn did to, soon after that....

Saturday at 5am we woke up, sat around for like an hour, because it was so early. Then around 7.30 we went to the breakfast downstairs.
Then we went to Bealls Outlet and did some shopping..(not much for me)
And then headed home for "lunch" at 9.30.
Around 12pm after sitting around and eating. We decided to go to walmart and the library...
At 2.10 we actually left. and here it is 3.37..... :)
Nathan is fussy so I'll update later!

ETA that Saturday we didn't do anything after we got home. We watched tv and hung out.

Sunday morning we got up and after the continential breakfast that the boys raided, we all got dressed and drove around pensacola, we went out to the beach and the historic district. Unfortunately it was closed on sunday. :( But it was A LOT of fun.
Sunday evening Evelyn got a fever, and she wasn't feeling well. Audrey soon followed. And Nathan too, right before bed. They caught this bug from Preston.
I spent that night up every hour on the dot, with nathan, he was REALLY fussy and hot.

Monday morning we got up around 8am and got showers and dressed, breakfast then started to pack. We left the Comfort Inn at 11am. Amber was dropped off at 11.30 and we headed home. It took longer to get home. we got home at 8.45pm. that is 9 hours right?

Overall it was a good trip. And we enjoyed seeing Amber and spending time with Dad, Christine, Preston, and Jaaramy....(is that how you spell it?)

I'll post some pics later!!!

Monday morning around 7am we got up and Evelyns temp was 101.8, Audrey was 102.1 and Nathan was 102.8!!!! I had a wash cloth on them, cooling them down. Evelyn and Audrey wouldn't take any medicine, but Nathan LOVED it. So he acted a lot less sick. We

Friday, January 20, 2006

bed time

it is almost 2.30am and My alarm is set for 4am. At that time, we are getting up and getting in the car for a 9 hour car ride. 9 FREAKING HOURS!!!! with a 3yo, 2yo, and a 6 month old. It's going to be HELL...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

My new diapers...

I posted the other day about my brand new Bumkins All-In-One cloth diapers that I had recieved in the mail, and I just wanted to post some pics. Nathan is wearing the Yellow Puppy print. In the other picture, there is Red Farm, Blue Fizz, and Pink Fish. The pink one is for Audrey.
I absolutely LOVE these diapers, I'm gunna buy about 2 dozen of these diapers. They are AWESOME!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

a worthy read

Evil thing that I did today was.....

.... Alright my kids have to nap by a certain time. If they DONT, they WILL fall asleep 2 hours before bed time, then wake up AT bedtime. Then they will be up for a couple more hours, (past bedtime). Its something that I dread.
So tonight "nap time" passed, and here it is 3 hours before bed time, and they are trying to fall asleep. Well, I just gave them candy and a cookie, in hopes that it will keep them up until 9 or 9.30pm.

Check out this site, it is cool....

Friday, January 13, 2006

Hi There!!!

If you are looking for a Pic of Nathans tooth, scroll down a bit....
Oh man, I am tired.
Target had a huge sale yesterday.
Well I dont know when it started, but i went yesterday.
We got tons of toys, and I'm gunna save them for the girls birthdays.
I really wish that Blogger had smilies!!!!
They really express emotion well.
Well we are moving. It is gunna be really far away. Were moving 500 miles away, changing states even. From port saint lucie florida, to dothan alabama....

I'm just gunna really miss my family, It's gunna be hard living so far away.
One of my sisters may come with. She wants a fresh start at life. And I'd like to give her a chance to be successful...
Today is Friday the 13th.... Did people freak out of this day BEFORE all the Jason Vorhes movies???
Okay I guess they did... Here is a Wikipedia link..... Friday the 13th.
I'm gunna go for now, evelyn wants to call toys r us about her pink truck...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Nathans tooth...

This is the best pic I could get, they were all blurry.
you can kinda see the discoloration near the gum line, and that the corner has chipped off.


I love putting cloth against my sons skin insted of paper and chemicals.

This afternoon I got the 4 diapers that I ordered. Heres a link. the kind of diaper I got.
Bumkins All-in-one.
I got 3 boy prints and one girl print for Audrey.

I LOVE them.... I mean, I knew that I would love using them, but OMG, I LOVE these diapers. I'm gunna buy more once our income tax goes thru....

Speaking of income tax, we decided NOT to use our money to move into a small, low income apartment, and get a vechicle.
We WILL insted move to south Alabama, where tommy has family, and get a house there. We want to afford to buy a home. Homes here are 250,000 to start!!!! thats WAY too much a month for our budget. Homes there are 1/2 that, and we can afford those mortages....
I dont want to deprive the children, but I'm hoping that if we are better off financially then they have a higher chance of graduating and going to college. If we continue to live paycheck to paycheck, in this city, we will never be able move his father out, and the cost of living will eat away at any money my husband makes....

AND nathans teeth may be going bad... heres a link for a good description what what Is on his teeth...

it is 3.55am and i am too tired to stay up, but too wired to go to sleep.
i have so much going thru my mind, I have a million different things that I need to do and think about and plan. And I need to become unwired and go to sleep...
tommy and the girls will be up at 7.30 8am.... why am i tortureing myself.....?
I don't know...good night..

Sunday, January 08, 2006

sexual offenders

I just want to vent a little.
There are 6 registered sex offenders living within 1 mile of my home.
And 24 within 2 miles.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

are well baby checks necessary???

my son is almost 6m old. He is due for a well baby check....
But I dont wanna go.
I usually only go to hear the nurse and doctor tell me how healthy my son is.
but I already know he's healthy....otherwise I would of called to make an appt for a "sick visit"
But I do enjoy hearing them say how healthy my homebirthed, unvaccinated baby is, Because with their logic he should be dead by now. (knock on wood)
If validation is all I'm getting from these "well baby" check ups. Then I think I want to quit going.

Friday, December 30, 2005

2006 is almost here

i'm really looking forward to the new year!
there are lots of things that i'm looking forward to...
were gunna move...
get a new car....
my sister is coming home....
buy some higher price items that I usually can't afford cause we are poor....
Maybe get a part time job...(once nathan is at least 1 year old...thats july)

Income tax time is soon. Yippie!!! We do the most spending in Febuary of every year.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Its over...

Christmas is over. Thank goodness! There is so much stress leading up to Christmas. Buying gifts, decorating, it's way too much.
But it is my favorite holiday. Watching my children open their gifts is so amazing. We got the girls several things that they are enjoying. And my mother, father, brothers and sisters have gotten them plenty also. They had TONS of toys on Christmas.
So now I have to go thru their old toys and find the ones that we can get rid of. Because there isn't enough room for the old and the new toys.

I'd like to incorporate a little spirituality into "Christmas." We are not Christian. We used to be, thats why I celebrate Christmas now, it's tradition. I'm not sure what to call my "religion." I am spiritual, but not religious. And in the last 2 years we have moved too far away from our beliefs. We live by our morals, and we aren't doing bad things, but we aren't doing anything spiritual. 4 years ago I figured out what I believed and we practiced for about 2 years, then the whole "too busy with kids" excuse came into play. And honestly I wish we did something for winter solstice. Something that was spiritual, something that ment something. Right now the Holidays are about being with my family, But I think that things will be changing...

Friday, December 23, 2005

2 days till christmas.

I've got almost everything wrapped.
I started feeling guilty about all the paper I was using, so I pulled out the huge pile of gift bags that I have. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. (ok well I dont recycle. Ever seen Penn and Tellers Bullshit episode on recycling...?) Anyways.
Most of the kids stuff is done, Tommy had to go out and buy some tissue paper, so I'm not completely finished. My brothers present needs wrapped. and I didn't get my dad the home depot gift card.
Christmas is my favorite holiday.
when I was a kid it was my favorite holiday because We had a lot of family time, and I got lots of presents.
Now It is my favorite because I get to give presents to my kids, They are so exited when they open the gifts. And we still have a lot of family time. Christmas eve part with the family on my dads side. And then Christmas morning at my home with my kids, my fil and bil will be over. Then in the afternoon I will go and see my mother and brothers and sisters.

I didnt decorate as much this year. I didn't have the time or energy. Our house is crazy. It's a constant mess, I dont have time to throughly clean, just pick up daily. I have NO time to decorate. I have some garland up, and some misc christmas things up, and we managed to get the lights up outside. But we didn't get a tree. I want to buy a fake tree (i love real trees, but fake ones are easier) that already has the lights on it. I'm hoping to get one onsale after christmas. If not, I'll buy one next year.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Tommy hurt his back at work, and they were being really shitty to him about workers comp, add that to the fact that they wont give him more than 32 hours, and he can't move up in the restaurant. So he's started looking for another job. He was making 10 an hour, so when he goes back to working in an office, he'll be making 8 or 9, but he'll get 40 hours, maybe even overtime. and there are many possibilities he could have to getting a real job.
blah blah blah....anyways

In january we are putting an an application at saint andrews pointe off of saint james rd. they are the only apt. complex that has 4 bedrooms. And we need the space. My brother is still here. Will probley be here until march or april. Bill is still here :( indefintely. My sister is in a program in the panhandle, and when she gets out in march or april, she's coming to live here. And the kids are still in our bedroom. I want them out so badly. Mostly because of the lack of space. We co-sleep with nathan, but the girls toddler beds are next to our bed. When we get the apt. we will get them moved out, Tommy and i want bill out, but we realize that if he goes,then I go to work, there is no way around it. So we are making a sacrafice.Roomates while they kids are young = mommy at home with them.

Sometimes I am dying to get back to work because of the lack of extra money, BUT tommy and I sat down and figured out what needs to come from our "roomates" and when and for the past month we've gotten a little bit ahead and tommy isn't putting 95% of his check twords bills. it's nice!!!
AND we finially got approved for food stamps. this week we got our card with Nov,& december on it. 625...!!!! We ended up spending 510...And we get 354 on the first, for the next 5 months. I'm way too happy about that.

So anyways, evelyn is still in speech therapy. I'm furious to find out that her fillings and caps are full of mercury. And that her vaccinations likely were mercury filled too. I'm in the process of tracking down her medical records, so i can go thru each shot and see which ones were the "bad" ones. Her speech therapist said that evelyns problem with speech is a problem with her neurological development....mercury is a neurotoxin.... But they will fall out in the next few years, BUT after 5 years the fillings dont have 50% mercury its at just 27%. We are gunna put her on detox supplements and were gunna get the toxins out of her system.

Audrey, poor girl, has a reaction to dairy. She isn't lactose intolerant, Its called Leaky Gut Syndrome...Let me find a link for something to describe it well. and this is likely causing her PDD.
Before we stopped dairy audrey wouldn't interact with anyone except me or tommy. she shy'd away from people she didnt' know, my family just thought that she had this attitude. Once a day she would throw this giant fit. screaming throwing her self around on the floor, scratching herself, banging her head on the wall. She had terrible constipation, was very obcessive compolsive. She sit for over an hour, 2 or 3 times a day stacking things, lineing them up, putting things in and out of cabinets. She had bad eczema, all over her trunk, and legs.
I stopped giving her dairy to see if it helped with the constipation, and all of this stopped. Well the OCD was nearly gone, Well a few weeks later I made the mistake of giving her chocolate milk, she loves it, and ALL of that returned within 24 hours. After severel attempts at giving her dairy, I decided that it wasnt worth it. And stopped, we've been doing good since. so she is also gunna start a detox therapy to help get her healthy, and heal her stomach.

As for Nathan, he is super healthy. His immune system is intact. We had two colds and one round of strep throat in the house and he didn't get sick. UNFORTUNATELY this third cold has given him congestion. I'm super impressed with the docs we see. They are educated on circumcision and have no problem with us not vaxing. So I'm happy.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Oh My God!!!

Ok, can I say that tonights episode of grey's anatomy was amazing. I spend one night glued to my television, and tonight it was SO worth it.
Seeing izzie help alex was really sweet, even though he didn't deserve it.
Why was bailey being so tough on george in the begining?
I love pregnant bailey!!! nausea, kicking, hurting feet...been there, done that!
I think christina and burke came together well in the end. He stuck with his beliefs and tried to include her, and she talked to the little boy because she kinda felt that burke could be right.
And now for Meredith and Derek. My favorite two people on this show.
Everyone knows that Derek loves Meredith. But derek wants to be the good guy and stay with his cheating, lying wife. Well tonight he finially told her how it was.
I dont have the quotes in front of me but it went something like this.
addison:" Whats wrong, Christmas is our holiday, We love christmas, at least we used to."
derek: "Chrstmas makes you want to be with the ones you love. I'm not telling you this to hurt you, and i'm not leaving you, but meredith wasn't a fling, she wasnt' revenge, I fell in love with her, And that doesn't change because I decided to stay with you"
YEAH Derek!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When the show returns on Jan 8th we'll see the break up of Derek and Addison Shepard!!!!
Then mer and der can get back together because he is still the good guy, because he gave his marriage all he had, and mer can be with him because she knows that she loves him too. Hopefully we can see her play a little hard to get for a little bit (no more than 2 weeks please!)
God I love Grey's Anatomy!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Grey's Anatomy

Alright I absolutely love Grey's Anatomy.
I been watching since episode one, season one. I started watching because Desperate housewives and it was on at 9pm on Sundays and the previews aired, and it looked good...
I fell in love after the pilot episode.
Heres my thoughts...
Meredith, I love her, and I loved her and Derek together. She's smart, but I wish they would highlight her more with some surgeries to REALLY show it. Not assists, but surgery, like Izzie and George have done. I know interns dont get to do surgery all by them selves, but come on this is TV!
Cristina- I love this character too. I wish she would warm up to Burke, just a little. I know that in last night episode she finially sat down for breakfast with him, but we never see them talk, they only went on one date, which lasted 30m because of the guy in the resturant. I know her character is no emotion, all work, very ambitious. But give us some softness.
George- I used to think George was alright, but now I couldn't watch without him. He is hilarious, and sweet, and REAL, he is so relateable. Shy, romantic, thoughtful, What a great catch! But even though he's crazy for Meredith, I don't think it should happen. They have this brother/sister relationship, and I dont see any sparks.
Izzie- She is a great doctor, and I dont like that they dont want her getting emotionally attatched to her patients. If she plans on being an OB/GYN she should know that most mother-to-be want some real care and concern from the person there to deliver the baby. ---on a side note, I had doctors for my first pregnancy and they are truely unattatched from the miracle of birth, it's all about the c-section, and the medicalization of natural childbirth. For my last child I had a midwife at home, 10lb 12oz, and no drugs and no c-section---
Alex- What an ass he was huh? Total jerk-off. And then they gave us reason to love him. And I do. He was sweet and he cared about Izzie a lot, thats why he cheated right? well not exactly, but heres my take... He obviously was more into Izzie than any other woman, and he was scared. His fear in having sex with some one he possibly loved resulted in the "problem" And working so closely with Olivia gave him an opportunity to re-establish what he knows, he's hot and irresistable and did what he was used to. ACTED LIKE A JERK-OFF. He cheated on Izzie in the very begining of the relationship and shouldn't be forgiven. JMHO
Derek- Very commendable, giving your marriage everything you've got before calling it quits, and we all know you will, hopefully sooner rather than later. 11 years into your marriage you find your wife cheating with your best friend. I would of left too. And theres a good chance that i would be doing exactly what derek is doing now, Because 11 years is a long time, Too long to just throw it away. And if derek didn't care enough to try, they he'd wouldn't be as loveable. I love him and Meredith together, There were huge sparks, the "McDreamy Looks", flirting, working so good when they were together. It was love, so I can't wait until his marriage is truely over and they can get back together.
Burke- I love Burke, Him and christina sizzled in the first season, but is kinda dull now. (((come on writers, give us some steamy burke/yang sex scenes or something, they are all domesticated))) And I love that he can see thru George, and see that he is a GREAT surgeon in the making.
Bailey- AKA the Nazi. She is such a great character. Tough, yet respectable. Smart, funny, compationate. I'd hate to see her leave the show on Maternity leave. Which of course is inevitable cause she's pregnant, but I love her so they gotta think of a way to bring her back.
Addison- go back to New York!!!! No really, I like Addison, I couldn't stand her at first, but she has grownon me. I would be fighting for my marriage if I were her too. I hope they find a way to end the marriage right, and keep her at Seattle Grace.
Webber- I thought he was alright, but bringing in Addison behind dereks back? It makes me wonder if he knew that addison had cheated, or THOUGHT that derek was.


Toasty Crackers with Peanut Butter

Hey, I'm allowed to be weird and eat junk food sometimes right?


I despise and love Mondays
Monday thru Friday I babysit for a friend. I love the little girl, she is the cutest, but It's harder. She is just one year old, so she still falls alot and needs help eating. I guess I've grown acustom to taking care of a 3yo and a 2yo, and forgot the challenges a 1yo has. Most of my day (6:30 to 4pm) is filled with me juggling 4 kids, My two oldest are pretty easy. Eat breakfas,t play on the porch, watch tv, eat lunch, play outside, watch tv, snack, play inside, dinner, bath, bedtime.... And they do most of that "by themselves" not completely, I make the meals, and turn the tv on and off, (even though evelyn could do it) I direct them to what activity its time for. But they are quite content, perhaps because they have each other to play with.... Nathan is different, He sits by himself a little bit. A little in this blue chair chewing on his toes, or in the plastic seat that goes in the tub, (lets a baby sit in the water, but not fall over) well I put this in the living room and he loves it. It has toys on the front that he likes to chew on. He wont sit long though. 15 minutes max. Most of the time I hold him. Sitting in my lap, walking around, doing things for the girls or just regular chores. Other times I'm nursing him, He's hungry like 6 times a day, but I nurse him more than that. Probley about 6 more times, for comfort to fall asleep, or to calm him down if he's upset, or just because I offered incase he was hungry but he wants to suckle but not eat. Whatever he wants he gets, he is just 4.5 months old.!!!!! Then M-F I have alona, very sensitive child. She loves to be held, unfortunately it is wanted a lot more than I can give it to her. She will sit at my feet while I nurse nathan and scream. ??? I think she's used to it just being her, no compeing for anyones time. Here she has 3 others to compete with.
Whoa!!! that wasn't just a poopy diaper, I had to put audrey in the tub to hose her down, poor girl, I wonder what it was that upset her stomach.
So that is the only reason that I dont like Mondays. I'm off on Sat & Sun, Thats when I get my laundry, and big chores done.
So why do I love Mondays????
Monday is my husbands "friday" it's his last day of work. He works Fri, Sat, Sun and Monday. Today he is working 9am-12pm. He's working a double shift. Poor guy, I wont even be awake to see him when he gets home. So I love Mondays cause I'm thinking TGIF. lol does that make sence??????????

Thats all for now!!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Would 4 kids be too many?

I've been neglecting my blog.
I've got 4 kids here during the day, I'm trying to keep things picked up, make food, do the work at home thing, and whew! I hardly have anytime left.
It is 8:52p.m. and all my kids are sleeping, and I should go to bed, BUT CSI is about to come on, so I wont.
Tommy and I were talking about having a 4th baby. Not now, but trying to concieve next Aug. And have a baby around spring of 2007. Nathan will be 1.5 years old. But since i've been baby sitting Alona I have been so exhausted. I dont know if I really want another baby (nathan is just 4.5 months) Or if I want to have my "4 kids."
I've been saying that were gunna have 4 kids for the past 5 years. So far we have 3. But isnt my life hard enough with 3? Dont I have enough love in my life? Aren't I happy? Will one more child really make me feel complete?
I don't know.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'm working from home....

And it isnt a pyramid scheme!!! yippie!!!!!
How refreshing to find a company that has lots of work at home people, and yet it isnt a scam!!!
I"ll put my website up later...!!!

(((edited to add:)))

Get the facts!
Free, No obligation information!

We do not
Stock, Deliver, Collect or have Parties!
Visit my work at home site!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Bed in a Bag...

I got one!!!!
I'm 23yo and have never in my life gotten a brand new Comforter, bedskirt, fitted sheet, regular sheet, 2 pillow cases and 2 shams.
But finially after 23 years, I (we) bought one. We should of paid the water bill with that $30, But what the hell. I'm a mother of 3, I never splurge on myself... and I mean NEVER!!!
We also bought a printer. (incert evil smiley here)
We havent had a printer in 3 years!!!
I'm happy!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


The act of pleading or arguing in favor of something, such as a cause, idea, or policy; active support.
I wear two silicone braclets, best known for the Lance Armstrong cause, but my braclets are different. They are clear/glow in the dark, and are "Childrens Miracle Network" "Glow for kids". I like them. And I want more.
My brother collects them. In different colors from Nike, Addidas and the sort. Well I dont want to just collect, I want to advocate.
I am/ want to be an advocate. One thing I want to advocate for is anti-immunization. I'm forever telling my husband of the daily tidbits that I get online that just validate my decision not to vaccicnate my children.....
Today I womans FIL has to be recessitated after recieving the flu vaccination. But the hospital does it's tests and tell him that he must be allergic to the needle.....>:( (btw, he is diabetic and very used to needles)
"The dose (of mercury) thought to be safely allowed on a daily basis by EPA is 0.1mcg per kilogram of body weight per day. At 2 months of age my son had received 62.5 mcg of mercury from 3 infant vaccines. According to EPA criteria, his allowable dose was only 0.5mcg based on his weight. He had received 125 times his allowable exposure on that one day. These large injected bolus exposures continued at 4, 6, 12 and 18 months to a total mercury exposure of 237.5 mcg."
That was an excerpt from
The mother was going over how much mercury was the shots her son recieved BEFORE he came down with autism...
But theres no more mercury in shots anymore right?
WRONG- they stopped making NEW shots with mercury. But continued to administer the vax that were already made. I may be mistaken when I say 2005 is when the last of the vax expired, if I am wrong then it is 2004.
But then we have to ask ourselves (and the doctors) They were wrong about the mercury so what about the other ingredients? Could they possibly be harmful too?

ammonium sulfate(salt): suspected gastrointestinal, liver, nerve, and respiratory system poison

beta-propiolactone: known to cause cancer. suspected gastrointestinal, liver, respiratory, skin and sense organ poison.

genetically modified yeast, animal, bacterial &viral DNA: can be incorporated into the recipients DNA and cause unknown genetic mutations.

latex rubber: can cause life-threatening allergic reactions.*

monosodium glutamate(MSG)/glutamate/glutamic acid: being studied for mutagenic, teratogenic(developmental malformationand monstrosities)and reproductive effects. a neurotoxin. allergic reactions can range from mild to severe.*

aluminum: implicated as a cause of brain damage; suspected factor in alzheimers disease, dementia, seizures, and comas. allergic reactions can occur on skin*

formaldehyde(formalin): major constituent of embalming fluid;poisonous if ingested, probable carcinogen; suspected gastrointestinal, liver, immune system,nerve, reproductive system and respiratory system poison. linked to leukemia, brain, colon, and lymphatic cancer.

micro-organisms: live and killed viri and bacteria or their toxins. the polio vaccine was contaminated with a monkey virus now turning up in human bone, lung-lining(mesothelioma),brain tumors, and lymphomas.

polysorbate 80: known to cause cancer in animals

tri(n)butylphosphate: suspected kidney and nerve poison

glutaraldehyde: poisonous if ingested. causes birth defects in experimental animals.

gelatin: produced from selected piecesof calf and cattle skins, de-mineralized cattle bones and pork skin. allergic reactions have been reported*

gentamicin sulfate& polymyxin B(antibiotics): allergic reactionscan range from mild to life-threatening

mercury(thimerosal): one of the most poisonous substances known. has an affinity for the brain, gut, liver, bone marrow, and kidneys. minute amounts can cause nerve damage. symptoms of mercury toxicity are similar to those of autism.

neomycin sulfate(antibiotic): interferes with vitamin B6 absorption. an error in the uptake of B6 can cause a rare form of epilepsy and mental retardation. allergic reactionscan be mild to life threatening.*

phenol/phenoxyethanol(2-PE) used as antifreeze. toxic to all cells capeable of disabling the immune system's primary response mechanism.

human and animal cells: human cells from aborted fetal tissue and human albumin. pig blood,horse blood, rabbit brain, guinea pig, dog kidney, cow heart, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, calf serum, sheep blood and others.

* when babies are hours or days old, it is impossible to know if they have an allergy.

copywrite 2003, korean publications, inc. 800-537-3001

So what else do I want to advocate for.... The future elimination of Routine Infant Circumcision.
I have SO many reasons why a 24 hour old infant should NOT be strapped down and have a knife happy doctor sliceing his genitals with inadequate or nonexistant pain medication.
I see it mostly as a human rights violation.
  • The infant screams harder and louder than he will any other time in his life. Until he goes into shock as the doctor applys the clamp.
I'm feeling nauticous just writing this.
  • An infant can not give informed concent. If this surgery were necessary the parent should have the right to concent. But this is purely cosmetic.
Let me ask you, dear reader, Why is it ok to cut little boys but against the law to cut little girls???

Monday, November 07, 2005

My foot is asleep.

I hate when a body part falls asleep. Ick!
Its 1am, I'm exhausted, and I'm up on the internet.
I checked my email. (wrote to a couple friends)
I checked ebay. (paid for the wool soaker I bid on and saw that I lost on the 10 AIO kooshies I bid on)
Then I came to blogger.....
I want to check the Mother Dot Commune boards, specifically the "case against circumcision", "Vaccinations", "Diapering", "Talk amongst ourselves", "Breastfeeding"
I want to check the Coffeerooms "Passions" board
I want to check ABC's forum for "Greys Anatomy"
But I want to go to sleep more.....
Good night.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

I'm a lazy mom!

And while it isn't a good thing, I'm not afraid to admit it!!!!!

I usually spend about $6 on disposable diapers a week for my two kids in diapers. (I buy target brand disposables)
But some weeks I dont have $6 to buy diapers.
I LOVE to cloth diaper, but I HATE doing the laundry. I am LAZY!!!!! I started Cloth diapering to save money, but I only cloth diaper when I'm feeling up to it, and lately its only been about 50/50. It's like paying $6 to not have to do 3-4 loads of dirty diapers. Some weeks it is a good deal.
But this week I sacraficed the last of my money to get some pictures developed, and decided to do cloth diapers. I mean they are essentially free. Our water bill just goes up like $5.
But I need to get some more covers for my son. We were given some covers to use, and he has just about grown out of some of them. I want to make some wool soakers. (why call them soakers, they arent the inserts that soak up the urine, they are on the outside keeping the urine from escapeing)
I plan to go to good will and buy a wool sweater and make my own cover.

Tomorrow I have a Freecycle yard"sale" to host. I have SOOOO many things in my home that need to go to goodwill. But I hate how they take stuff in and sell it way marked up. I've gone in there and seen things that I could buy cheaper while new. Ridiculous!!!!!!
So thats why I like freecycle. And tomorrow I'm getting rid of tons of stuff. If no one comes to take my crap, I'm bringing it to a smaller thrift store. But either way it is gone!!!!!

And for now, so am I, Nathan is sleeping so I'm gunna put him down and get my stuff together for tomorrow.

Well I was done blogging for now, and blogger is down for 2 hours so I guess I'll keep typing.
Now that Nathan is 3.5 months old, he doesnt sleep most of the day, and I have to entertain him. Am I a bad mom for wishing he slept a little more?

Another day!

Well I'm exhausted, audrey and nathan are still up.
Evelyn is sick, nothing is wrong except she cant breath out of her nose, and when she sleeps she wakes herself up when her throat closes, and cant breath at all.
Nathan is sick, maybe, I know for sure he is teething. So he has been fussy for a while, he has two teeth already and I can feel the one that will come in next. But today he started breathing funny. I hear a grunt when he breaths out, real weird. Then this evening he starts funning a fever, 99.5. And then he threw up. I put him in his swing, so all that motion may of caused the vomit, but who knows...
Audrey isn't sick though, thank goodness! Although she is still her same old demanding, mean, angry self.

I took Evelyn to the Ped. this a.m. and he prescribed a nasal spray. He said it would take 3-4 days before I would see any effect. It will clear up on it's own before the spray would kick in.
After the Ped. visit, We went strait to Doctor Rob's, he is our chiropractor. Evelyn (and myself) got adjusted. I came home and heard Nathans breathing, and sent Tommy with Nathan. And we'll all go again on Monday.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Does it have to be so hard?

Motherhood I mean, in my case being a stay at home mom.
I've been out of commission for 4 days, totally sick, My husband has held Nathan, my 3 month old, about 75% of the time. Unfortunately for him it came during his days off. Today he went back to work, and left me with them. I have a 3yo daughter, a gunna be 2 next week daughter, and my infant son.
Evelyn wants me to play with her 23 hours a day. She cant play with Audrey because they are constantly fighting, so she comes to me. I'm the only playpal she has (note: find a play group, a.s.a.p.)
She isn't following me around because she knows it will piss me off. So I remind myself of that.
Audrey wants whatever Evelyn has, and Evelyn likes to climb up the couch and play keepaway! So I spend the first half of my day Shhing, because Audrey has a terrible high pitched scream. (note: find a way to STOP that) And when Audrey screams so does Evelyn. It is nerve wracking!!!
I spend 25% of my day holding Nathan, 25% nursing Nathan, 25% doing chores, making meals, house stuff, and my last 25% is playing with the girls, or more like playing referee!
Day after day after day..... Forever

I love my children with my whole heart and soul, they are why I get up in the morning, but somedays I'd like to sleep in.
I spent the last hour holding nathan, because if I put him down he would cry, he wouldnt nurse, and EVENTUALLY he fell asleep. But my back muscles are killing me from this infection, (i dont know why!) but holding a kid makes my muscles ache, but he wouldnt even let me sit down!
Meanwhile I brought the girls in the room and told them to get in bed, (remember I'm juggleing a fussy baby) Evelyn got in bed, and talked to herself for about 30 minutes, and finially fell asleep.
And at the same time Audrey was rolling around on the floor crying. Why? I dont know. But I couldn't deal with two babies that were tired and needed held. I started crying and Nathan fell asleep about 5 minutes before Audrey, but I couldn't put him down yet, But I could sit down! I sat next to her and rubbed her back until she fell asleep.....

Then I came here to complain about it, But I'm goin to bed now!

Nathan got his first tooth !!!!!!!!!!!!

How cool is a first tooth?
Of course It's barely poking up thru the skin, but thats pretty neat!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I am sick

Last Tuesday Evelyn got sick. Fever for 3 days, she vomited twice. It was pretty awful. After 3 days I took her into the ped. office. They took her temp. 102.8 under the arm. The doc looked at her throat, he said it looked red. Then he diagnosed her with strep throat.
I was kinda mad, when I asked her she said that she DIDN'T have a sore throat. He said that he wasn't gunna do a throat culture because Evelyn would give him a hard time. He prescribed us some antibiotics and sent us on our way.
We left and I filled the prescription. I didn't want to give it to her because Over using antibiotics is bad, and just a week earlier she had finished her script for her staph infection. Evelyn's fever had gone on it's own and she was feeling so much better. I discussed the whole thing with my friend and she validated my concern.
I hadn't brought the children to the chiropractor in three weeks. I know that chiropractic care works because I stopped going once before and my horrible migranes returned and Nathan was acting "colicky" Which up until then hadn't happened. And after the visit my migranes disappeared again, and Nathan returned to the happy baby that he is. So in my experience chiropractic care is beneficial.....
The only reason I had skipped 3 weeks was because we didn't have the money to pay. He knows that we are poor, and after our last 2 week skip he told us that we aren't obligated to pay the family plan (120 a month) that treating the children were more important and to put money in the box on the secretaries desk when we could. But to always bring them in.... How awesome is that?
Well I still felt bad that we had no cash, My back was hurtin' and Nathan had been fussy for the last 2 days, and Evelyn was sick.
We took her in and we all got adjusted. I felt so much better. And Evelyn's illness was gone the next day. But then Audrey got sick, that night she got a fever, it lasted until Monday night. We also went back to see our chiropractor on Monday because of that fever and I had the sniffles. We got adjusted and went home. Audrey was fine the next day (today) But oh my god!!! I feel so awful.
My ears are acheing and popping
My throat hurts and looks swollen.
All over body ache, like ultra sensitive
and my lower back is throbing.
If I had to diagnose myself I'd say it was the flu. But all I know for sure, is that I feel like I'm gunna die!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

My favorite quote

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
Arthur Schopenhauer
German philosopher (1788 - 1860)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

What a comment....

"You work three jobs?...Uniquely American, isn't it? I mean, that is fantastic that you're doing that." President Bush to a divorced mother of 3, Feb. 4, 2005

I'm willing to bet that she isnt working 3 jobs for fun! Especially since she has one mentally challenged son.
We find it very hard to live one two incomes here. My husband was out yesterday looking for a part time job.
Minimum wage here in FL is $6.15. While that may be sufficent for a teenager a mcdonalds. It is hard to support a family on such low wages!!!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

How one day turned into two....

Here at my house we are on a crazy schedule, my husband comes home from work around 12am or 1am. My girls have gotten on a schedule where they are up for a few hours after he comes home to spend some time with him. Well that has led us to being up until 5am for the past 4 days, this is the latest we've ever stayed up....
Yesterday we woke up at 1:30pm. we did our normal daily activities. the girls once again got a late nap and woke up around midnight! They finially fell asleep around 5am. I got nathan to sleep by 5:30, then i did one last search of the house for my ID card, if I found it I wouldnt have to go to the DMV the next day. No luck, so at 6am I realized that I would only get one hour of sleep. That certainly isn t enough, so I decided to stay up and leave 30 minutes earlier. So I left at 7am.
I finished at the DMV at 8:10, stopped off at the grocery store where I picked up...
79 cent 2 liter of Pepsi (Yum!)
generic coffee, cause I knew I would be up all day...
Organic Yo Baby Yogurt for evelyn who is sick
and Organic Silk brand Soy milk, original flavor....

I got home and Audrey woke up for the day, It was about 9am. My brother got up and we sat and talked for like an hour, Then at 10:30 I woke up Evelyn and got her and audrey ready for their doctor appt. We left right at 11am. Arrived at 11.20 (20m early)

After we left the office, we went to see Dr. Rob. He is our chiropractor. We probley spent about thirty min. there and came home, it wa 1pm by then.

I woke tommy up and dragged him out of bed. He left to take his dad to work at 2.45pm. All this time I am sitting at home relaxing.

At 6pm I pack the girls and nathan up and we drive my brothers car to Good will
2 skirts for me
3 dolls for evelyn
2 pairs of sneakers for the girls
one toy bus and block toy for audrey
and one lone cloth diaper...

and then to Walmart (ick!!!)
Body Wash
Audreys birthday toys
Dora doll
Doodle pad
2 mini doodle pads
whole set of large blocks
miniture hummer (she picked that one out)
one cute card
2 Ballerina costumes for the girls
108 pack of size 3 diapers

I got home at about 8:15, put the girls in bed, hopeing that they stay asleep for the night. I got online ant it is now 9:34, so now that i'm caught up, and nathan is finially nursing in my lap, I'm going to SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ok I stole this.....

I am guilty of loving these stupid surveys, If I find one, I do it!!!

50 Fabulous Questions

1. Your name spelled backwards?

2. Where were your parents born?
Illinois, and Missouri

3. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
"thing"...Trillion i believe

4. What's your favorite restaurant?
Olive Garden

5. Last time you swam in a pool?
about 4 months ago

6. Have you ever been in a school play?
not that I remember

7. How many kids do you want?
I want 4, I've got 3 so I'm almost there!

8. Type of music you dislike most?
Music that isnt real, that didnt come from the heart

9. Are you registered to vote?
Hell Yeah!

10. Do you have cable?

11. Have you ever ridden on a moped?
unfortunately I have

12. Ever prank call anybody?

13. Best friends? close friends?
My mother always said that you could count your real best friends for your entire life on one hand

14. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?

15. Furthest place you ever traveled?
to Phoenix, Arizona from South/Central Eastern Florida

16. Do you have a garden?
sadly no I dont

17. What's your favorite comic strip?
i havent read the comics in years, but then it was Cathy

18. Do you really know all the words to your national anthem?
probley not

19. Bath or Shower, morning or night?
Shower, middle of the day

20. Best movie you've seen in the past month?
The Notebook made me cry

21. Favorite pizza topping?
extra cheese

22. Chips or popcorn?
Chips, (Cool Ranch Doritos)

23. What color lipstick do you usually wear?
Clear chapstick for me thanks!

24. Have you ever smoked peanut shells?

25. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?

26. Orange Juice or apple?
fresh squeezed orange

27. Who was the last person you went out to dinner with and where?
With my husband and then 2 week old son, we went to chilli's

28. Favorite type chocolate bar?
almond joys

29. When was the last time you voted at the polls?
Nov 2004

30. Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?
about 6 months ago

31. Have you ever won a trophy?
I got tons of trophys playing softball as a kid, but I did win one once, "most improved player"

32. Are you a good cook?
as long as i have a good recipe

33. Do you know how to pump your own gas?
uh huh

34. Ever order an article from an infomercial?
no but i would in a heartbeat if we made the money

35. Sprite or 7-up?
I cant answer that, I've never had 7 up

36. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to work?
yes, one ugly smock to my job at a gas station and company t-shirts to my job as a receptionist.

37. Last thing you bought at a pharmacy?
Powerade, (today when I picked up a prescription)

38. Ever thrown up in public?
sober? no...drunk? yes

39. Would you prefer being a millionaire or find true love?
true love comes easy money doesnt, but if i could only have one, i'd take the LOVE

40. Do you believe in love at first sight?

41. Can exs be friends?
It happens

42. Who was the last person you visited in a hospital?
My friend Gina and her new baby

43. Did you have a lot of hair when you were a baby?
no, thin and blonde

44. What message is on your voicemail?
no voicemail

46. What was the name of your first pet?
freddy he was a dog, got hit by a car

47. What's in your backpack?
ahem, purse....diapers, wipes, change of clothes for nathan, chapstick, keys, address book

48. Favorite thing to do before bedtime?
check my email

49. What is one thing you are grateful for today?
that event though my kids are sick, they are alive

50. What are you thinking about?
my sick 3yo daughter, and hopeing she gets better soon.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

I am so tired...

I went to bed at 5am and woke up at 1:30pm...Thats 8.5 hours of sleep, I only need 6, anymore than 6 and I'm still tired...
The girls are napping right now, 7pm is better than 10pm.
I want to wake up at 8 and get them in bed at 10. Yeah Right!!!
Nathan was asleep until 2 min ago, and now he's up and fussy.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

what is left to do????

Dishes, its my turn...
Get Nathan asleep, he's fighting it...
Sew another cloth diaper, maybe....
Sit and plan on what the next check will pay for....

I made more diapers today.....

I bought a bunch of fleece like 2 weeks ago, with the intent on making more diapers... Well I haven't made time for it... I'm a huge procrastinator!
Well last night I started one, but didnt have the chance to finish it. So today I did, and I also finished another that I started like a month ago, and made another complete diaper, and halfway finished another...
So that's 3 more that I have finished, and another still halfway done... Yippie!!!
I probley have about 25 or so that I have sewn all by my self, a couple that a friend has helped me with, and 20 or so that I didnt make, I have a pretty good diaper stash.
I dont feel like explaining how I make them, lets move on....
Its almost 3am, I hate being awake all night, I like wakeing up around 8am, putting the kids to bed at 10pm and myself at 11..... I hate this late night bull shit!!!
Tomorrow is Sunday, I hate sunday....
On monday we will pay the rent, It will be 3 days late, so much better than a week late huh?
I can't believe that its October already!!!!!

Friday, September 30, 2005

Why cant doctors visits be shorter?

So today I took the girls to the doctor for a check up. They were in a week ago for a rash. Well After waiting for an hour, the nurse comes in and says the doc is about 30 min. behind, normally I would wait, but my husband had to be at work in 45 min. So we rescheduled, I've spent over 3 hours at the doctors before and have never rescheduled, but I was too irritated. At least the nurse told us he was running late. Most of the time we get no explaination....

Then I stopped by the chiro after dropping of my husband, and his office was closed. He doesnt do appt's, which is cool because I dont have to call and reschedule or tell him that I'M running late, I can just come and go as I please... And we are usually in and out in 15 min.

So tommy got paid today, so did my FIL. But I dont know if we will have enough to pay the elec and the rent....Why is my electric bill $310 a month? and why are we living in a place where rent is 900 and tommy only makes 1300??? Lucky for us, FIL is also living check to check and he can't afford his own place either and is staying with us, It helps with the bills big time. FIL is pretty sick, and old for his family history, He is 58 or so. So sometimes I worry about what happens if something bad happened. We could end up homeless!

Anyways, I put the rugrats movie on for the girls, I hate sitting them in front of the TV, but since I've started limiting tv time, I feel like I'm going crazy....

Amber went to her program, poor girl is spending 6 months 9 hours away in a juvenile facility even though she is 18, all for not visiting her probation officer. She had 2 months to do a few simple things....get hs diploma or ged...get a job...enroll in counciling...Simple as that, but she chose her drug addict boyfriend over doing those things. It was so hard to see her make that choice, but it was her choice and Maybe next time she wont trust a man/boy who chooses smokeing crack over spending her last day of freedom together...(sigh...)
I'm writing an entry everyday, and sending the letters once a week, I miss her and love her and hope she comes home mature and levelheaded, not pissed and mad at the world...

Lemme look for some recent pics.....

Audrey in Nathans bouncy thing...

Amber, our dad, and his fiance....

Me and the kids....


Evelyn and Amber

Saturday, September 24, 2005

I cut my hair....

It took a year and a half of growing it out for it to finially bore me. I was experimenting with colors. but for the past 3 months it's been the same color, and the same length....blah!!!
So I cut it, I'll have to get a picture of it up here.... I'm really relieved. And next week I'll buy some dye, at least two different colors... That will make me happy

Sunday, September 18, 2005

I forgot about blogging....

HA HA!!! I totally forgot about my blog, it's only been a week though....
My sister moved back in, my brother in law moved out. Our car broke down yesterday, we managed to get it going and get it home, and it broke down at the parts store while my husband was buying a part to (maybe) fix it. In the past 4 months we have put nearly 10,000 miles on the car.... Enough about the car, it's too deperessing!
I watched 4 hours of Laguna Beach yesterday. It was lots of fun. I got totally caught up. And am looking forward to tomorrows new episode.
So Nathan is 2 months old. I desperately want to start working, because we need the money so badly, but Nathan is ONLY 2 months old, and he's still exclusively nursing. I dont want to mess up our nursing, because of money, I'm fine with living poor for a little longer if it means that he gets the best!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

7 year old girl has throat cut at the superdome!!!!!

I was watching tv tonight, when a doctor that was at the superdome was being interviewed. He spoke of the chaos and devastation that happened in New Orleans. He said that when they emptied the dead bodies from the freezer that there was a 7 year old girl there who's throat was cut....I'm nauticious just thinking about it. Who would do that, and why??? I cant believe that the whole hurricane aftermath has happened in America....

Friday, September 09, 2005

What a GREAT president....(insert sarcasm)

Looks like he is working real hard!!!!!

Finially a free minute....

I'm sure I dont have much time here, Audrey is napping, and Nathan is sitting contently. Luckily Evelyn can entertain herself.
I've been home for 5 days, and am not caught up on the laundry, dishes, and overall mess that built up while I was gone for the weekend!!!!
My brother in law is moving out in 5 days, then my brother wont have to sleep on the couch in the living room. I'm glad there will be one less person living here. It is so crowded.
When we do our income tax we are moving, I'm not sure where, but it will be cheaper to live and we'll be doing alright....
Nathan is pissed, gotta go...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Camping for Memorial Day!

Friday, September 02, 2005


I was looking on one of the news channels' website, and saw dozens of pictures of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. OH MY GOD! My heart goes out to those in that area, especially those who couldnt or wouldnt evacuate and are now stuck.

On another note, it is shocking to me that our president, turned down foreign aid.
WHY on Gods green earth, would he say, $20 billion in damage, 200,000 stranded in New Orleans alone,....."No Thanks", What is hell? to fucking proud to accept help.

It repulses me, but sadly, it doesnt surprise me.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

I got robbed, by Walmart...

Yesterday morning gas prices had risen to $2.76 a gallon. A 10 cent increase overnight. Almost understandable because of the Hurricane. I went to walmart to get some groceries, I put $20 on a gift card for gas. After shopping we pull up to the station and how much is gas? $2.98!!!!! I have never in my life, paid so much for gas. And I wish I had just gotten $20 cash back insted of $$$ on a gift card. Because now here I was already there with the gas already paid for, there was no going back. I only got 6.6 gallons...
Always low prices my ass!!!!
Here where I live you have limited # of places to go grocery shopping. Walmart, WinnDixie, or Publix. Well since winndixie is bankrupt,they have closed one of the store here in town. Its only a matter of time until they are all closed. But I'm shopping there until then.
Walmart has lost my business. I'll shop at WinnDixie and Target thank you very much!

busy busy busy

it's 2:27am, Nathan fell asleep 20 minutes ago, so i'm going to bed soon...
but heres my plan for tomorrow
8am- wake up
8:30- leave to bring my brother to work
9:30- arrive at a friends house, to plan for the yard sale were having. (at her house)
Then come back to my house to get some of my stuff together.

wake up 5:45am
have the yard sale ready by 7am (why do people yard sale on fri, anyways?)
then do that all day until 5pm, when my husband has to be at work...

I'll let cha know how the sale goes...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Scariest moment of my life....

Last night I was scared more than I've ever been scared in my life.
My 2 daughters (3yo and 22 months old) were standing on a chair at the sink, washing their baby dolls hair.
I was in the living room, and my oldest daughter came in, and a minute later I hear the garbage disposal start.
My head snapped up and I see my younger daughter on the counter by the sink.
I jumped up, with my 6 week old son in my arms and yelled "Oh my god" and ran to the kitchen.
Halfway there, She starts screaming! It took 3 seconds to get around the corner and see that her hand WAS NOT in the disposal.
But that was the longest 3 seconds of my life. I imagined her with her hand down the disposal, I even imagined the blood. I was scared to death, I felt sick to my stomach for like an hour afterwards.

Category 5 hurricane....

Wow I can't believe that Katrina is that strong, so quickly too.
Last year my city was hit with the eye of two hurricanes, 3 weeks apart. The destruction of a storm is devastating.
Although I know someone in New Orleans who I dislike. I would hate to hear anything happened to him or his home.
Destruction is inevitable, and I don't wish anyone any harm. But we know it's gunna happen. I mean a category 5!!! Andrew was a 5. I remember Andrew leveling houses, not mobile homes, real houses. Luckily then it didn't affect my area, We are 2 hours north of Miami and Homestead.
Last year after the first hurricane, we didn't have power for 2 weeks, so no stores were open, gas was gone, food was scarce. Then as soon as things got going again, we heard of the second storm heading our way. A stronger on this time. Luckily the power was out just a week, and we were a little more prepared.
I can go out to the island, South Beach in Fort Pierce, and visit my mom, and still see piles of sand, and torn apart homes, closed businesses. Its really sad....

I was just looking at pictures off the aftermath of Hurrican Camille,
And I noticed that everything destroyed was made of wood. I dont know about anywhere else, but they are NOT building things of wood anymore around here. It's all CBS homes. Probley because I strong hurricane would level a wood structure and perhaps not a structure made from concrete.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

I wasn't tagged...

................ but I saw it when I was blog surfing, and wanted to do it...

7 things I plan to do before I die
1) Master the art of sewing/making cloth diapers
2) Travel to some old castles in Europe
3) Buy a NEW car.
4) Lose 25 pounds.
5) Own my own home.
6) Become a Midwife or doula
7) Sleep a full 8 hours without waking up once...

7 things I can do
1) Change a diaper in 10 seconds
2) Make some awesome Mac and Cheese
3) Manage to wake up seconds before my baby does
4) Lactate
5) Write non stop for hours about nothing
6) Rearrange the whole house in one day
7) Mismanage my money

7 things I cannot do
1) Say no to chocolate
2) Listen to a baby cry
3) Stand being broke
4) Stand having things be dirty
5) Get my husband to pick up after himself
6) Follow to close to someone while driving
7) Have patience with slow internet service

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
1) Eyes
2) Humor
3) Shorts with flip flops
4) Longish hair
5) Has ambition
6) Isn't a drug addict, or alcoholic
7) Doesn't think I'm weird

7 things that I say most often
1) I'm tired-- to my husband, always!
2) Hold him please-- to my husband about my newborn son
3) Get down-- to my 3 and 2 year olds
4) Oh man!
5) Are you on drugs?
6) ________ is coming on ____ to turn off ____. <---insert most recent overdue bill.
7) Shhh, baby is sleeping-- to my 3 and 2 year olds

7 celebrity crushes
1) Johnny Depp
2) Josh Hartnett
3) Matthew McConahey
4) Jimmy Kimmel
5) Ben Afflick
6) Brad Pitt
7) Brad Nowell

7 people I want to do this (if you have not done so already)
1) Nobody to list...
2) I have invited Nobody to my blog...

Cable is back on....(sometimes)

Our phone was out while the cable was turned off. You see we have Vonage. My husband has been wanting to get it for forever. So finially....
to be continued...
.....(sorry, so many interuptions) So finially after getting charged too much for Bellsouth, and still not having long distance. We decided to invest like $200.00 in the equipment, and try Vontage, I mean 25.00 a month, for a phone line, including long distance, sounded great.
Wrong, Ok Vontage is great, but if the power or internet service goes out temporarily, your phone goes out.
Or if you dont pay the bill and your internet/cable is turned off your phone is immediately shut off.
I'm sure that those two things dont happen to MOST people, but they happen here. Actually our cable will stay on but the internet turns off. Adelphia claims it's because off all the construction in the neighborhood, that they are accidentally messing up everyones internet service. Excuses!!! It goes off several times a day.
Now this isnt Vontages fault, their services has been continuous, I blame Adelphia, I'm tempted to find another cable internet provider....
Any suggestions?

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Nathan is 4 weeks old today...

I was wondering when Nathan was gunna turn 4 weeks, so I started thinking about what today was. Hmmm today is Saturday, so he is 4 weeks old TODAY!!!
I cant believe he is that old, wow!

Friday, August 12, 2005

More good and bad news....

-Cable will be disconected on Sunday. Our internet goes down with it, and our phone goes down when the internet goes down. Thanks to my husband who just had to have voice over IP phone service.
-Not sure when the electric will be turned off. $520.00 is due. That is for two months though..
-All of our bill are backed up. I HATE paying bills.
-Amber and Jeremy havent found a place yet. I want to help my sister. But she is dragging some heavy dead weight called Jeremy with her. If she just had her shit to get together, she would be alright, but she is trying to make Jeremy get his stuff strait, and he doesnt want to. His freeloading off of me is gunna stop because...
-Ricky is out of jail!!!!! Ricky plans on telling this kid to hit the road. I dont want to piss Amber off, but this kid is nothing but trouble...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

jan 02, 1990....

-LOL, that is the date that is at the bottom of the computer screen. I wonder if my husband realizes this.
-Hmm.... where was I on Jan 2nd, 1990? I was 7 1/2. My mom had just left us, and my father had his girlfriend move it. Good move on his part, she stuck around for 12 more years, practically raising us. I wonder how that date got on the computer.

-Well it is really 12:31 on August, 11th, 2005.
-Nathan was up from 2am-4am with inconsolable cries. I thought perhaps colic. Colic is just definted as inconsolable cries for hours at a time. No known causes. I hope that last night was it. It may have something to do with me not taking him to the chiropractor last week. Being well adjusted is suppose to help colic. No worry though, I am bringing him tomorrow.
-I'm gunna go make something to eat, and bug my sister about when her boyfriend is getting their car back. (soon I hope) And then I want to go make some diapers. I have 10 diapers for audrey, and like 10 more to be made, so I'm gunna go get on it!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Evelyn took this pic!!!

Amber, me and Nathan!

Its wednesday!

This week is going by pretty fast.
  • My sister has been here for a week, if she's gunna be here any longer she will have to get a job. The apartment search is going well. With any luck they can move in 3 or 4 days...
  • I missed a doctors appointment for Audrey yesterday. I didn't want to but it happened. Nathan has an appt. next week so I'll just double up their appt. Hopefully I wont have to fight the doctor, when I tell them I dont plan on vaccinateing anymore.
  • So we got two citations each for the truck and billys car. And now I have a notice to appear in court. So I went back to my dad, and aske d him if he wanted the truck back. He said yes, so I'm in the clear about that. All I have to do now is get my brother to release his keys from jail so I can move his car, so that billy can get his to the junkyard.
  • I've made like 4 or 5 more cloth diapers for Audrey. I love sewing diapers, I should start selling them to make some money!!!!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Its 4:15 am!!!

Nathan woke up at 3:30am, and I have been trying to get him back to sleep, but he is WIDE awake. He is all eyes, and probley wont go back to sleep for another hour.
He looks so cute though. Big bright eyes. He's in a pretty good mood. Such a sweetie!.... But I really wish he was asleep!

Bad news of the day...
  • Something on the car broke, I dont know the name of the part, but it has something to do with holding the axel to the car, i think... If it isnt one thing it's another.
  • Looks like we wont be going to the fountains with the girls tomorrow. a) I'm gunna be tired as hell and b) the car is fucked up.
Good news of the day....
  • My brother is doing good in jail, Attorney is fighting to have the charges dropped and he should be out on bail in the meantime sometime next week, YEAH!!!!!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

testing the email feature.....

Please work!!!!


Running a half way house....

Well it has been a busy couple of days...
  • Wed.-----I had gotten a call from my sister, my other sister needed a place to stay for a few days and I would never say no. So her and her boyfriend came over Wednesday morning. We spent the day, not doing much of anything.
  • Thursday----- We went to Vero on Thursday. Me, tommy, amber, jeremy, evelyn, audrey, and nathan all squeezed in to the Oldsmobile. Ick. It was a rough 4 hour trip. It obviously doesnt take that long to get there, but we took the long way since we dont trust the car. And we only got out to eat at McDonalds. Seemed like it was Forever until we got home.
  • Friday----- Well thats today, Tommy did some running around, and Amber and Jeremy went to Vero and ran some errands. I decided not to go to the Chiropractor today, I should be taking nathan weekly, but I was out of it today.
Amber and Jeremy will be staying with us until we get a place, thats cool, I enjoy having other people here. Dad let me and tommy and the girls AND Bill stay with him for weeks when we first moved down. So I am paying forward...
Tia came up with an idea, our small family moving in with amber, and Bill and Wesley would get their own place. We thought of that plan before, now it's just a matter of making it work. I hate moving. I wish we could just buy our own house. Damn bad credit....

Oh, and my brother should hopefully getting out of jail and moving in next week.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Trying the pics again....