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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Cable is back on....(sometimes)

Our phone was out while the cable was turned off. You see we have Vonage. My husband has been wanting to get it for forever. So finially....
to be continued...
.....(sorry, so many interuptions) So finially after getting charged too much for Bellsouth, and still not having long distance. We decided to invest like $200.00 in the equipment, and try Vontage, I mean 25.00 a month, for a phone line, including long distance, sounded great.
Wrong, Ok Vontage is great, but if the power or internet service goes out temporarily, your phone goes out.
Or if you dont pay the bill and your internet/cable is turned off your phone is immediately shut off.
I'm sure that those two things dont happen to MOST people, but they happen here. Actually our cable will stay on but the internet turns off. Adelphia claims it's because off all the construction in the neighborhood, that they are accidentally messing up everyones internet service. Excuses!!! It goes off several times a day.
Now this isnt Vontages fault, their services has been continuous, I blame Adelphia, I'm tempted to find another cable internet provider....
Any suggestions?


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