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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Category 5 hurricane....

Wow I can't believe that Katrina is that strong, so quickly too.
Last year my city was hit with the eye of two hurricanes, 3 weeks apart. The destruction of a storm is devastating.
Although I know someone in New Orleans who I dislike. I would hate to hear anything happened to him or his home.
Destruction is inevitable, and I don't wish anyone any harm. But we know it's gunna happen. I mean a category 5!!! Andrew was a 5. I remember Andrew leveling houses, not mobile homes, real houses. Luckily then it didn't affect my area, We are 2 hours north of Miami and Homestead.
Last year after the first hurricane, we didn't have power for 2 weeks, so no stores were open, gas was gone, food was scarce. Then as soon as things got going again, we heard of the second storm heading our way. A stronger on this time. Luckily the power was out just a week, and we were a little more prepared.
I can go out to the island, South Beach in Fort Pierce, and visit my mom, and still see piles of sand, and torn apart homes, closed businesses. Its really sad....

I was just looking at pictures off the aftermath of Hurrican Camille,
And I noticed that everything destroyed was made of wood. I dont know about anywhere else, but they are NOT building things of wood anymore around here. It's all CBS homes. Probley because I strong hurricane would level a wood structure and perhaps not a structure made from concrete.


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