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Monday, August 01, 2005

First day...

August 1st, 2005
-"my uh three" is what my daughter says as she holds up three fingers. Evelyn is my oldest, She's three! She doesnt listen to me half the time, and she has to strip naked every time she uses the potty. She is an amazing child, with such love inside her. If you put aside her occational teasing of her younger sister, she is the SWEETEST child ever!
-Audrey is my "middle" child. I dont want a middle child, My husband and I always said we'd have 2 kids or 4. Right now we have 3. I'm scared we'll turn her into once of those people who hates us because she didnt get to have fun like the oldest, or be babied like the youngest. Although having 4 children only makes her the oldest of the middle children.
She is very independent. She can play for hours, and come and find me when she's hungry. Which is always. This baby girl, who right now is 21 months old, can snack all day, and eat huge meals, then finish her sisters! Yet she is SO skinny!!!
-2 weeks ago, Nathan was born. He was the biggest of my 3. He was 10lb 12oz. We had beautiful homebirth this time. All Nathan does right now is sleep. Wakes occationally to eat, then back to sleep. Every couple hours he'll wake up and lay there, looking around. I wonder what he thinks of this world, so completely different than being inside of me. The lights, the noise, so bright and so loud.
-Tommy is my husband, he's at work right now. He's gone a lot, but he's working hard for this family and that means a lot to me. Although 8 hours a day really isnt a lot. I just have my hands full with these 3 monkeys, and 8 hours can feel like an eternity.
Tommy and I will be celebrateing our 5th anniversary this October 21st. We became a couple October of 2000, and married October 21st, 2001. I can't believe that our relationship has lasted 5 years. 5 years sounds like a long time in my mind (I'm only 23), but it feels like a short time in my heart. Perhaps because 5 years is short in relation to "the rest of our lives"

Well those are the most important people in my life, (not in any particular order) Motherhood has been the best thing to happen to me. When one of my girls calls me "Mommy" I feel so proud. Proud that these kids are healthy and happy, and proud that I can say that I had a hand in that.
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