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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I cant get the pictures to come up....

trial and error

Well I figure that I'll get some pictures up once I convince Tommy to help me.
I had an appt. with my midwife this afternoon and Tommy and I only took Nathan. It was hot and we'd be driving for over an hour, so we left the girls with Tommys dad. They threw the biggest fit. I hate leaving them when they obviously want to go so badly, but we had not much of a choice.
Tommy and I had lunch at Arbys. Yummy! I love their wraps.
Then we came home, just in time for me to catch Passions. I love that Soap Opera! Actually it's more of a love/hate relationship, But I'm holding out a little hope that the writing gets better. I really want Ethan and Theresa to get together, even though Ethan doesnt deserve her.
Another show I love to watch is The 4400. I missed the whole first season, then tuned in for one episode of the second and was hooked. So I downloaded the whole first season and all the episodes I had missed, and Tommy and I stayed up way too late one night watching like 6 episodes.
Those are the only 2 shows I feel like I have to watch. There are some shows that I avoid like the plague. Ok well I WANT to avoid them but my kids love them so they are on.
  1. There is Oobi, first on my list of "When will this be OVER???"
  2. Then Little Bear.
  3. And Franklin.
And after the girls have watched a movie for like the billionth time it tends to be obnoxious. Or maybe I'm obnoxious as I'm saying the lines along with the movie.
Enough with being a TV critic....

Tommy is playing with the girls right now. They love for him to tickle and chase them. I was watching a show last night about kids not getting enough attention and interaction and they became brain damaged. I know my kids wont have to worry about that, but I still had to wonder if they have enough interaction. They arent in daycare, and arent involved with any playgroups. I only have 2 friends with kids, and we dont get the kids together often enough. I think that I just may have to find a play group in this area..... It would be good for them...


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