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Thursday, August 11, 2005

jan 02, 1990....

-LOL, that is the date that is at the bottom of the computer screen. I wonder if my husband realizes this.
-Hmm.... where was I on Jan 2nd, 1990? I was 7 1/2. My mom had just left us, and my father had his girlfriend move it. Good move on his part, she stuck around for 12 more years, practically raising us. I wonder how that date got on the computer.

-Well it is really 12:31 on August, 11th, 2005.
-Nathan was up from 2am-4am with inconsolable cries. I thought perhaps colic. Colic is just definted as inconsolable cries for hours at a time. No known causes. I hope that last night was it. It may have something to do with me not taking him to the chiropractor last week. Being well adjusted is suppose to help colic. No worry though, I am bringing him tomorrow.
-I'm gunna go make something to eat, and bug my sister about when her boyfriend is getting their car back. (soon I hope) And then I want to go make some diapers. I have 10 diapers for audrey, and like 10 more to be made, so I'm gunna go get on it!!!!


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