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Thursday, September 01, 2005

I got robbed, by Walmart...

Yesterday morning gas prices had risen to $2.76 a gallon. A 10 cent increase overnight. Almost understandable because of the Hurricane. I went to walmart to get some groceries, I put $20 on a gift card for gas. After shopping we pull up to the station and how much is gas? $2.98!!!!! I have never in my life, paid so much for gas. And I wish I had just gotten $20 cash back insted of $$$ on a gift card. Because now here I was already there with the gas already paid for, there was no going back. I only got 6.6 gallons...
Always low prices my ass!!!!
Here where I live you have limited # of places to go grocery shopping. Walmart, WinnDixie, or Publix. Well since winndixie is bankrupt,they have closed one of the store here in town. Its only a matter of time until they are all closed. But I'm shopping there until then.
Walmart has lost my business. I'll shop at WinnDixie and Target thank you very much!


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