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Friday, October 21, 2005

Does it have to be so hard?

Motherhood I mean, in my case being a stay at home mom.
I've been out of commission for 4 days, totally sick, My husband has held Nathan, my 3 month old, about 75% of the time. Unfortunately for him it came during his days off. Today he went back to work, and left me with them. I have a 3yo daughter, a gunna be 2 next week daughter, and my infant son.
Evelyn wants me to play with her 23 hours a day. She cant play with Audrey because they are constantly fighting, so she comes to me. I'm the only playpal she has (note: find a play group, a.s.a.p.)
She isn't following me around because she knows it will piss me off. So I remind myself of that.
Audrey wants whatever Evelyn has, and Evelyn likes to climb up the couch and play keepaway! So I spend the first half of my day Shhing, because Audrey has a terrible high pitched scream. (note: find a way to STOP that) And when Audrey screams so does Evelyn. It is nerve wracking!!!
I spend 25% of my day holding Nathan, 25% nursing Nathan, 25% doing chores, making meals, house stuff, and my last 25% is playing with the girls, or more like playing referee!
Day after day after day..... Forever

I love my children with my whole heart and soul, they are why I get up in the morning, but somedays I'd like to sleep in.
I spent the last hour holding nathan, because if I put him down he would cry, he wouldnt nurse, and EVENTUALLY he fell asleep. But my back muscles are killing me from this infection, (i dont know why!) but holding a kid makes my muscles ache, but he wouldnt even let me sit down!
Meanwhile I brought the girls in the room and told them to get in bed, (remember I'm juggleing a fussy baby) Evelyn got in bed, and talked to herself for about 30 minutes, and finially fell asleep.
And at the same time Audrey was rolling around on the floor crying. Why? I dont know. But I couldn't deal with two babies that were tired and needed held. I started crying and Nathan fell asleep about 5 minutes before Audrey, but I couldn't put him down yet, But I could sit down! I sat next to her and rubbed her back until she fell asleep.....

Then I came here to complain about it, But I'm goin to bed now!


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