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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I am sick

Last Tuesday Evelyn got sick. Fever for 3 days, she vomited twice. It was pretty awful. After 3 days I took her into the ped. office. They took her temp. 102.8 under the arm. The doc looked at her throat, he said it looked red. Then he diagnosed her with strep throat.
I was kinda mad, when I asked her she said that she DIDN'T have a sore throat. He said that he wasn't gunna do a throat culture because Evelyn would give him a hard time. He prescribed us some antibiotics and sent us on our way.
We left and I filled the prescription. I didn't want to give it to her because Over using antibiotics is bad, and just a week earlier she had finished her script for her staph infection. Evelyn's fever had gone on it's own and she was feeling so much better. I discussed the whole thing with my friend and she validated my concern.
I hadn't brought the children to the chiropractor in three weeks. I know that chiropractic care works because I stopped going once before and my horrible migranes returned and Nathan was acting "colicky" Which up until then hadn't happened. And after the visit my migranes disappeared again, and Nathan returned to the happy baby that he is. So in my experience chiropractic care is beneficial.....
The only reason I had skipped 3 weeks was because we didn't have the money to pay. He knows that we are poor, and after our last 2 week skip he told us that we aren't obligated to pay the family plan (120 a month) that treating the children were more important and to put money in the box on the secretaries desk when we could. But to always bring them in.... How awesome is that?
Well I still felt bad that we had no cash, My back was hurtin' and Nathan had been fussy for the last 2 days, and Evelyn was sick.
We took her in and we all got adjusted. I felt so much better. And Evelyn's illness was gone the next day. But then Audrey got sick, that night she got a fever, it lasted until Monday night. We also went back to see our chiropractor on Monday because of that fever and I had the sniffles. We got adjusted and went home. Audrey was fine the next day (today) But oh my god!!! I feel so awful.
My ears are acheing and popping
My throat hurts and looks swollen.
All over body ache, like ultra sensitive
and my lower back is throbing.
If I had to diagnose myself I'd say it was the flu. But all I know for sure, is that I feel like I'm gunna die!!!


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