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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Another day!

Well I'm exhausted, audrey and nathan are still up.
Evelyn is sick, nothing is wrong except she cant breath out of her nose, and when she sleeps she wakes herself up when her throat closes, and cant breath at all.
Nathan is sick, maybe, I know for sure he is teething. So he has been fussy for a while, he has two teeth already and I can feel the one that will come in next. But today he started breathing funny. I hear a grunt when he breaths out, real weird. Then this evening he starts funning a fever, 99.5. And then he threw up. I put him in his swing, so all that motion may of caused the vomit, but who knows...
Audrey isn't sick though, thank goodness! Although she is still her same old demanding, mean, angry self.

I took Evelyn to the Ped. this a.m. and he prescribed a nasal spray. He said it would take 3-4 days before I would see any effect. It will clear up on it's own before the spray would kick in.
After the Ped. visit, We went strait to Doctor Rob's, he is our chiropractor. Evelyn (and myself) got adjusted. I came home and heard Nathans breathing, and sent Tommy with Nathan. And we'll all go again on Monday.


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