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Saturday, November 05, 2005

I'm a lazy mom!

And while it isn't a good thing, I'm not afraid to admit it!!!!!

I usually spend about $6 on disposable diapers a week for my two kids in diapers. (I buy target brand disposables)
But some weeks I dont have $6 to buy diapers.
I LOVE to cloth diaper, but I HATE doing the laundry. I am LAZY!!!!! I started Cloth diapering to save money, but I only cloth diaper when I'm feeling up to it, and lately its only been about 50/50. It's like paying $6 to not have to do 3-4 loads of dirty diapers. Some weeks it is a good deal.
But this week I sacraficed the last of my money to get some pictures developed, and decided to do cloth diapers. I mean they are essentially free. Our water bill just goes up like $5.
But I need to get some more covers for my son. We were given some covers to use, and he has just about grown out of some of them. I want to make some wool soakers. (why call them soakers, they arent the inserts that soak up the urine, they are on the outside keeping the urine from escapeing)
I plan to go to good will and buy a wool sweater and make my own cover.

Tomorrow I have a Freecycle yard"sale" to host. I have SOOOO many things in my home that need to go to goodwill. But I hate how they take stuff in and sell it way marked up. I've gone in there and seen things that I could buy cheaper while new. Ridiculous!!!!!!
So thats why I like freecycle. And tomorrow I'm getting rid of tons of stuff. If no one comes to take my crap, I'm bringing it to a smaller thrift store. But either way it is gone!!!!!

And for now, so am I, Nathan is sleeping so I'm gunna put him down and get my stuff together for tomorrow.

Well I was done blogging for now, and blogger is down for 2 hours so I guess I'll keep typing.
Now that Nathan is 3.5 months old, he doesnt sleep most of the day, and I have to entertain him. Am I a bad mom for wishing he slept a little more?


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