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Monday, November 07, 2005

My foot is asleep.

I hate when a body part falls asleep. Ick!
Its 1am, I'm exhausted, and I'm up on the internet.
I checked my email. (wrote to a couple friends)
I checked ebay. (paid for the wool soaker I bid on and saw that I lost on the 10 AIO kooshies I bid on)
Then I came to blogger.....
I want to check the Mother Dot Commune boards, specifically the "case against circumcision", "Vaccinations", "Diapering", "Talk amongst ourselves", "Breastfeeding"
I want to check the Coffeerooms "Passions" board
I want to check ABC's forum for "Greys Anatomy"
But I want to go to sleep more.....
Good night.


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