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Monday, December 05, 2005

Grey's Anatomy

Alright I absolutely love Grey's Anatomy.
I been watching since episode one, season one. I started watching because Desperate housewives and it was on at 9pm on Sundays and the previews aired, and it looked good...
I fell in love after the pilot episode.
Heres my thoughts...
Meredith, I love her, and I loved her and Derek together. She's smart, but I wish they would highlight her more with some surgeries to REALLY show it. Not assists, but surgery, like Izzie and George have done. I know interns dont get to do surgery all by them selves, but come on this is TV!
Cristina- I love this character too. I wish she would warm up to Burke, just a little. I know that in last night episode she finially sat down for breakfast with him, but we never see them talk, they only went on one date, which lasted 30m because of the guy in the resturant. I know her character is no emotion, all work, very ambitious. But give us some softness.
George- I used to think George was alright, but now I couldn't watch without him. He is hilarious, and sweet, and REAL, he is so relateable. Shy, romantic, thoughtful, What a great catch! But even though he's crazy for Meredith, I don't think it should happen. They have this brother/sister relationship, and I dont see any sparks.
Izzie- She is a great doctor, and I dont like that they dont want her getting emotionally attatched to her patients. If she plans on being an OB/GYN she should know that most mother-to-be want some real care and concern from the person there to deliver the baby. ---on a side note, I had doctors for my first pregnancy and they are truely unattatched from the miracle of birth, it's all about the c-section, and the medicalization of natural childbirth. For my last child I had a midwife at home, 10lb 12oz, and no drugs and no c-section---
Alex- What an ass he was huh? Total jerk-off. And then they gave us reason to love him. And I do. He was sweet and he cared about Izzie a lot, thats why he cheated right? well not exactly, but heres my take... He obviously was more into Izzie than any other woman, and he was scared. His fear in having sex with some one he possibly loved resulted in the "problem" And working so closely with Olivia gave him an opportunity to re-establish what he knows, he's hot and irresistable and did what he was used to. ACTED LIKE A JERK-OFF. He cheated on Izzie in the very begining of the relationship and shouldn't be forgiven. JMHO
Derek- Very commendable, giving your marriage everything you've got before calling it quits, and we all know you will, hopefully sooner rather than later. 11 years into your marriage you find your wife cheating with your best friend. I would of left too. And theres a good chance that i would be doing exactly what derek is doing now, Because 11 years is a long time, Too long to just throw it away. And if derek didn't care enough to try, they he'd wouldn't be as loveable. I love him and Meredith together, There were huge sparks, the "McDreamy Looks", flirting, working so good when they were together. It was love, so I can't wait until his marriage is truely over and they can get back together.
Burke- I love Burke, Him and christina sizzled in the first season, but is kinda dull now. (((come on writers, give us some steamy burke/yang sex scenes or something, they are all domesticated))) And I love that he can see thru George, and see that he is a GREAT surgeon in the making.
Bailey- AKA the Nazi. She is such a great character. Tough, yet respectable. Smart, funny, compationate. I'd hate to see her leave the show on Maternity leave. Which of course is inevitable cause she's pregnant, but I love her so they gotta think of a way to bring her back.
Addison- go back to New York!!!! No really, I like Addison, I couldn't stand her at first, but she has grownon me. I would be fighting for my marriage if I were her too. I hope they find a way to end the marriage right, and keep her at Seattle Grace.
Webber- I thought he was alright, but bringing in Addison behind dereks back? It makes me wonder if he knew that addison had cheated, or THOUGHT that derek was.


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