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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Its over...

Christmas is over. Thank goodness! There is so much stress leading up to Christmas. Buying gifts, decorating, it's way too much.
But it is my favorite holiday. Watching my children open their gifts is so amazing. We got the girls several things that they are enjoying. And my mother, father, brothers and sisters have gotten them plenty also. They had TONS of toys on Christmas.
So now I have to go thru their old toys and find the ones that we can get rid of. Because there isn't enough room for the old and the new toys.

I'd like to incorporate a little spirituality into "Christmas." We are not Christian. We used to be, thats why I celebrate Christmas now, it's tradition. I'm not sure what to call my "religion." I am spiritual, but not religious. And in the last 2 years we have moved too far away from our beliefs. We live by our morals, and we aren't doing bad things, but we aren't doing anything spiritual. 4 years ago I figured out what I believed and we practiced for about 2 years, then the whole "too busy with kids" excuse came into play. And honestly I wish we did something for winter solstice. Something that was spiritual, something that ment something. Right now the Holidays are about being with my family, But I think that things will be changing...


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