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Monday, December 05, 2005


I despise and love Mondays
Monday thru Friday I babysit for a friend. I love the little girl, she is the cutest, but It's harder. She is just one year old, so she still falls alot and needs help eating. I guess I've grown acustom to taking care of a 3yo and a 2yo, and forgot the challenges a 1yo has. Most of my day (6:30 to 4pm) is filled with me juggling 4 kids, My two oldest are pretty easy. Eat breakfas,t play on the porch, watch tv, eat lunch, play outside, watch tv, snack, play inside, dinner, bath, bedtime.... And they do most of that "by themselves" not completely, I make the meals, and turn the tv on and off, (even though evelyn could do it) I direct them to what activity its time for. But they are quite content, perhaps because they have each other to play with.... Nathan is different, He sits by himself a little bit. A little in this blue chair chewing on his toes, or in the plastic seat that goes in the tub, (lets a baby sit in the water, but not fall over) well I put this in the living room and he loves it. It has toys on the front that he likes to chew on. He wont sit long though. 15 minutes max. Most of the time I hold him. Sitting in my lap, walking around, doing things for the girls or just regular chores. Other times I'm nursing him, He's hungry like 6 times a day, but I nurse him more than that. Probley about 6 more times, for comfort to fall asleep, or to calm him down if he's upset, or just because I offered incase he was hungry but he wants to suckle but not eat. Whatever he wants he gets, he is just 4.5 months old.!!!!! Then M-F I have alona, very sensitive child. She loves to be held, unfortunately it is wanted a lot more than I can give it to her. She will sit at my feet while I nurse nathan and scream. ??? I think she's used to it just being her, no compeing for anyones time. Here she has 3 others to compete with.
Whoa!!! that wasn't just a poopy diaper, I had to put audrey in the tub to hose her down, poor girl, I wonder what it was that upset her stomach.
So that is the only reason that I dont like Mondays. I'm off on Sat & Sun, Thats when I get my laundry, and big chores done.
So why do I love Mondays????
Monday is my husbands "friday" it's his last day of work. He works Fri, Sat, Sun and Monday. Today he is working 9am-12pm. He's working a double shift. Poor guy, I wont even be awake to see him when he gets home. So I love Mondays cause I'm thinking TGIF. lol does that make sence??????????

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