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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Oh My God!!!

Ok, can I say that tonights episode of grey's anatomy was amazing. I spend one night glued to my television, and tonight it was SO worth it.
Seeing izzie help alex was really sweet, even though he didn't deserve it.
Why was bailey being so tough on george in the begining?
I love pregnant bailey!!! nausea, kicking, hurting feet...been there, done that!
I think christina and burke came together well in the end. He stuck with his beliefs and tried to include her, and she talked to the little boy because she kinda felt that burke could be right.
And now for Meredith and Derek. My favorite two people on this show.
Everyone knows that Derek loves Meredith. But derek wants to be the good guy and stay with his cheating, lying wife. Well tonight he finially told her how it was.
I dont have the quotes in front of me but it went something like this.
addison:" Whats wrong, Christmas is our holiday, We love christmas, at least we used to."
derek: "Chrstmas makes you want to be with the ones you love. I'm not telling you this to hurt you, and i'm not leaving you, but meredith wasn't a fling, she wasnt' revenge, I fell in love with her, And that doesn't change because I decided to stay with you"
YEAH Derek!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When the show returns on Jan 8th we'll see the break up of Derek and Addison Shepard!!!!
Then mer and der can get back together because he is still the good guy, because he gave his marriage all he had, and mer can be with him because she knows that she loves him too. Hopefully we can see her play a little hard to get for a little bit (no more than 2 weeks please!)
God I love Grey's Anatomy!!!!!!!!


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