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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Tommy hurt his back at work, and they were being really shitty to him about workers comp, add that to the fact that they wont give him more than 32 hours, and he can't move up in the restaurant. So he's started looking for another job. He was making 10 an hour, so when he goes back to working in an office, he'll be making 8 or 9, but he'll get 40 hours, maybe even overtime. and there are many possibilities he could have to getting a real job.
blah blah blah....anyways

In january we are putting an an application at saint andrews pointe off of saint james rd. they are the only apt. complex that has 4 bedrooms. And we need the space. My brother is still here. Will probley be here until march or april. Bill is still here :( indefintely. My sister is in a program in the panhandle, and when she gets out in march or april, she's coming to live here. And the kids are still in our bedroom. I want them out so badly. Mostly because of the lack of space. We co-sleep with nathan, but the girls toddler beds are next to our bed. When we get the apt. we will get them moved out, Tommy and i want bill out, but we realize that if he goes,then I go to work, there is no way around it. So we are making a sacrafice.Roomates while they kids are young = mommy at home with them.

Sometimes I am dying to get back to work because of the lack of extra money, BUT tommy and I sat down and figured out what needs to come from our "roomates" and when and for the past month we've gotten a little bit ahead and tommy isn't putting 95% of his check twords bills. it's nice!!!
AND we finially got approved for food stamps. this week we got our card with Nov,& december on it. 625...!!!! We ended up spending 510...And we get 354 on the first, for the next 5 months. I'm way too happy about that.

So anyways, evelyn is still in speech therapy. I'm furious to find out that her fillings and caps are full of mercury. And that her vaccinations likely were mercury filled too. I'm in the process of tracking down her medical records, so i can go thru each shot and see which ones were the "bad" ones. Her speech therapist said that evelyns problem with speech is a problem with her neurological development....mercury is a neurotoxin.... But they will fall out in the next few years, BUT after 5 years the fillings dont have 50% mercury its at just 27%. We are gunna put her on detox supplements and were gunna get the toxins out of her system.

Audrey, poor girl, has a reaction to dairy. She isn't lactose intolerant, Its called Leaky Gut Syndrome...Let me find a link for something to describe it well. and this is likely causing her PDD.
Before we stopped dairy audrey wouldn't interact with anyone except me or tommy. she shy'd away from people she didnt' know, my family just thought that she had this attitude. Once a day she would throw this giant fit. screaming throwing her self around on the floor, scratching herself, banging her head on the wall. She had terrible constipation, was very obcessive compolsive. She sit for over an hour, 2 or 3 times a day stacking things, lineing them up, putting things in and out of cabinets. She had bad eczema, all over her trunk, and legs.
I stopped giving her dairy to see if it helped with the constipation, and all of this stopped. Well the OCD was nearly gone, Well a few weeks later I made the mistake of giving her chocolate milk, she loves it, and ALL of that returned within 24 hours. After severel attempts at giving her dairy, I decided that it wasnt worth it. And stopped, we've been doing good since. so she is also gunna start a detox therapy to help get her healthy, and heal her stomach.

As for Nathan, he is super healthy. His immune system is intact. We had two colds and one round of strep throat in the house and he didn't get sick. UNFORTUNATELY this third cold has given him congestion. I'm super impressed with the docs we see. They are educated on circumcision and have no problem with us not vaxing. So I'm happy.


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