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Friday, January 13, 2006

Hi There!!!

If you are looking for a Pic of Nathans tooth, scroll down a bit....
Oh man, I am tired.
Target had a huge sale yesterday.
Well I dont know when it started, but i went yesterday.
We got tons of toys, and I'm gunna save them for the girls birthdays.
I really wish that Blogger had smilies!!!!
They really express emotion well.
Well we are moving. It is gunna be really far away. Were moving 500 miles away, changing states even. From port saint lucie florida, to dothan alabama....

I'm just gunna really miss my family, It's gunna be hard living so far away.
One of my sisters may come with. She wants a fresh start at life. And I'd like to give her a chance to be successful...
Today is Friday the 13th.... Did people freak out of this day BEFORE all the Jason Vorhes movies???
Okay I guess they did... Here is a Wikipedia link..... Friday the 13th.
I'm gunna go for now, evelyn wants to call toys r us about her pink truck...


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