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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I love putting cloth against my sons skin insted of paper and chemicals.

This afternoon I got the 4 diapers that I ordered. Heres a link. the kind of diaper I got.
Bumkins All-in-one.
I got 3 boy prints and one girl print for Audrey.

I LOVE them.... I mean, I knew that I would love using them, but OMG, I LOVE these diapers. I'm gunna buy more once our income tax goes thru....

Speaking of income tax, we decided NOT to use our money to move into a small, low income apartment, and get a vechicle.
We WILL insted move to south Alabama, where tommy has family, and get a house there. We want to afford to buy a home. Homes here are 250,000 to start!!!! thats WAY too much a month for our budget. Homes there are 1/2 that, and we can afford those mortages....
I dont want to deprive the children, but I'm hoping that if we are better off financially then they have a higher chance of graduating and going to college. If we continue to live paycheck to paycheck, in this city, we will never be able move his father out, and the cost of living will eat away at any money my husband makes....

AND nathans teeth may be going bad... heres a link for a good description what what Is on his teeth...

it is 3.55am and i am too tired to stay up, but too wired to go to sleep.
i have so much going thru my mind, I have a million different things that I need to do and think about and plan. And I need to become unwired and go to sleep...
tommy and the girls will be up at 7.30 8am.... why am i tortureing myself.....?
I don't know...good night..


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