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Saturday, January 21, 2006

In Pensacola

I'm in Pensacola Florida...
We got here Friday afternoon, around 2pm. We picked up my sister in Milton, YEAH!!!, and went to the hotel.
We didn't do anything that night, Me, Nathan and Audrey fell asleep at 5pm....and Evelyn did to, soon after that....

Saturday at 5am we woke up, sat around for like an hour, because it was so early. Then around 7.30 we went to the breakfast downstairs.
Then we went to Bealls Outlet and did some shopping..(not much for me)
And then headed home for "lunch" at 9.30.
Around 12pm after sitting around and eating. We decided to go to walmart and the library...
At 2.10 we actually left. and here it is 3.37..... :)
Nathan is fussy so I'll update later!

ETA that Saturday we didn't do anything after we got home. We watched tv and hung out.

Sunday morning we got up and after the continential breakfast that the boys raided, we all got dressed and drove around pensacola, we went out to the beach and the historic district. Unfortunately it was closed on sunday. :( But it was A LOT of fun.
Sunday evening Evelyn got a fever, and she wasn't feeling well. Audrey soon followed. And Nathan too, right before bed. They caught this bug from Preston.
I spent that night up every hour on the dot, with nathan, he was REALLY fussy and hot.

Monday morning we got up around 8am and got showers and dressed, breakfast then started to pack. We left the Comfort Inn at 11am. Amber was dropped off at 11.30 and we headed home. It took longer to get home. we got home at 8.45pm. that is 9 hours right?

Overall it was a good trip. And we enjoyed seeing Amber and spending time with Dad, Christine, Preston, and Jaaramy....(is that how you spell it?)

I'll post some pics later!!!

Monday morning around 7am we got up and Evelyns temp was 101.8, Audrey was 102.1 and Nathan was 102.8!!!! I had a wash cloth on them, cooling them down. Evelyn and Audrey wouldn't take any medicine, but Nathan LOVED it. So he acted a lot less sick. We


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