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Friday, January 27, 2006

Nathan is actually asleep, I can't believe it...!

Ok so we've all been sick since sunday. (it's friday) and Nathan hasn't slept for longer than an hour. He was majorly congested and couldnt' breath well laying down...
but we're all getting better and he is well enough to sleep laying down. YEAH!!!!
We went the the chiro this morning, I bet that helped. Thanks R.!!!!!!

The girls are still sick, so am I, but we feel better.... :)
We all had fevers, runny and congested noses (at the same time) body aches, tummy aches. AND I lost my voice! Just overall nastiness!!!!!

So today is January 27th, 2006. I am waiting patiently for our w-2's that haven't come. I want to file a return because I want some $$$. We get EIC and I want it soon!!!


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